God’s dawn will carry me through,

as it was once written.

There was death on my breath until I rose up through love.

I take verses into the future, down my winding road.

Onward into the wide horizon!

My heartbeat gallops and strains to keep up with the euphoric freedom.

The wind runs swiftly over the world but I must travel steady through this life.

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I know of your breed.

You are of a mysterious order, projecting your doctrines and holding court.

The inevitable ends with your plans exposed to create droughts in the lives of others,

to carve valleys and craters in their hearts.

They scream of your beauty now. It blinds them from your feet of clay, your hands in your pockets and empty words.

You burn with passion to destroy to take and lumber off to the next unsuspecting victim.

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I am stopped at the edge of my emotions.

They form large puddles that rarely hold the key to happiness.

I would rather them fade away than become a blasting fountain.

The sound of it’s chaos would usher in a downward path that had startled the naivete out of me.

Emptiness and tears are either used as tools or fuel for my engine.

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After the season has signed its name to its ending,

an idea of gladness enters my mind.

Work has ended,

every bird has flown the city and I am in search of a way to

contain resistance to the inevitable change.

I would like to invent an industry that strings all the sweetest

outcomes in life. They would be picked like ripe fruit and traded

for tears.


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Midnight Sun


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In a lost land,

of a long ago century

a particular writer had written down many cries for peace

and laughter.

How plain it must be only to the mind,

nothing stands on shifting earth.

While I run around organizing the turns of my life,

praying for the bells to go off at the instant of pain.

Modern society is hard as metal to the heart and spirit.

Fools gold, smoke and mirrors of that whole is nothing to the gold in what has been repaired

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