Something Evil ( Article )

Something Evil has already come

The truth has come out, the monsters are loose and though they have always roamed the earth, now they have become more clear and closer to home. The monsters that disguise themselves as passive, normal or loving to children but hide a rage that waits to pounce and rising grim statistics of Child Abuse show that something has definately fallen short. What must be done gets lost in the debates on spanking and discipline, leaving more victims to suffer the inevitable fate as those before them. The devestating issue leaves scars on the victims and the survivors, but it leaves a black mark on the society that turns it’s head to the matter until too many have lost their lives. And it goes deeper.

Thin line for the survivors.

Survivors of such cruelty are left with the daunting task of finding a way to heal and move on. The psychological and emotional scars often lead to developing destructive behaviors, disorders and suicide. More often than not, many continue the heartbreaking cycle of abuse, leaving a legacy of pain in their wake. Children of abuse learn to feed on their anger and use those around them as their direct targets for release. At any age and at it’s very basic, it is an aguished cry projected in a violent way. The origin of that cry varies, but the result is the same.
Who is in charge?
The agencies in charge of providing protection and monitoring for families with history of abuse do little to bring aid and relief to the matter. An overworked and obselete system that has failed far too many times to be established, needs to be broken down and installed with people who are qualified, responsible and caring. Employees should receive updated training, as well as health and psychological evaluations performed regularly. It’s a difficult job and it’s not for everyone. There needs to be a weeding out period to divide the ones who only want the security and those that care enough to make a thorough second, third, fourth or fifth visit.

Moving on, Moving Forward
Finally, education is key. It is especially important that survivors should be educated in devloping a healthy relationship with themselves. It would be difficult to repair their self image and trust in others, but not impossible. Positve influences and surroundings could help in the healing process.
It’s time for it to stop. The punishments must be harsher for serial abusers and restrictions must be placed should they get out. In my opinion, they should never again be around people. Life in prison. Automatic. Right now, the classic escape has become suicide, which only proves their laughable ignorance, there’s no escape where they’re going. Ever.

If you or someone you know, hear or see any child abuse, don’t hesitate. Call and report anonymously, you could save a child’s life and possibly change their destiny.


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I'm a married mother of three and a published author.
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