Real Talk

I confess that I am weary and can feel my soul’s hunger pains add to the pressure of daily life.
Scriptures bind themselves to my mind and my heart, making their presence known and the meaning places my feet on solid ground.
Grateful for His Grace and undeserved Love, for every morning that brings another chance to understand, to know, to believe and grow in the Light.
I kneel in humble prayer and hands clasped, but with an open mind and heart, I say all that I must bring to Him. Praises and problems overload my mouth and my tongue becomes fliud and quick.
Words not familiar to my ear flood out and my spirit flies. Weightless and bound in a distinct joy that could only come from the Heavens, I feel the rush of a brightness that expands and finally recedes to a smoldering ember.
A renewing and cleansing smashes through a new arsenal that the enemy could have used to batter me. It is washed away.
My bones are fortified. My soul is satisfied.


About ingridfalconi

I'm a married mother of three and a published author.
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