A Note about A Mad Existence

imagesCAPFK3OX        It took me five years to write this story because it’s loosely based on my childhood and younger years. I was writing it with the motive to say all of my truth, but I thought that the story could be better received if I used a main character the reader could relate to. Relatable, but not the focus. The focus should be on the issues and the results of living in a home with Domestic Violence, being young victim of Child Abuse,  and growing up in the gray area of emotional, mental and verbal abuse. The result usually is an early and inappropriate interest in sex, dropping out of school, teen pregnancy and the cycle that continues until someone stops and says, “Enough.”  That is the kind of awareness I hope to raise with this story. Circumstances and people cannot take away inner strength. In fact, I suspect that the more that one has, the more targeted one is. It’s as if it were some sort of trophy that must be owned. While that is terrible, I believe that we were not built to break. I only had to take the step toward another way of living, of thinking and feeling. The Lord was there even when I put myself in the situation and still set me free from my bondage to my anger and shame. He taught me about forgiveness, about love.  Each of us are given a cross to carry and so after I thank the Lord for His grace, I ask for strength to finish the race marked out for me without grumbling, which I think is easier said than done some days 😉


About ingridfalconi

I'm a married mother of three and a published author.
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