Getting Rid of Amy Chapter 2

“I met Amy after a meet, she just walked up to me and introduced herself. She didn’t act like a snob and try to talk down to me. Her friends accepted me or rather tolerated me because she included me so easily. I won’t lie, it felt good to be semi popular until I saw her with my father and her smug smile. I started to question everything and it effected everything.”
Her voice sounded sorrowful.
“Once I found out, Amy and her friends shunned me. I didn’t know what she told them and I didn’t care. I got the feeling that even if I had told them, she would still be admired for bedding an older man. I was sure she had made it out to be a simple conquest, because she thought she could and laugh about it.
I took my aggression out on the water during practice. I didn’t count the laps, I was trying to get rid of the hurt that cut in a thousand different ways.
My grades began to slip and soon I wasn’t going to practice at all. Instead I would ride my bike down the wooded trails of the park, hoping to get lost and never find my way back, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to run.” she paused and sighed deeply.
“Can you tell me what happened that made you see Amy that day?” Riley asked.
“The day I killed Amy, was the last time I rode my bike home. My parents were sitting on opposite sides of the couch, both stressed and grim. I knew what was coming and sure enough they had said that they were separating.
‘Just for a while‘, they said, but I didn’t believe them. Even I know that separate hearts don’t do too well when they’re broken.
They looked lost in their own world’s already. They looked like strangers sharing a house, a bed and a daughter.
I looked at father like he was a disgraced hero and I couldn’t stop my own broken heart and anger from speaking for me.
I asked her, ‘Mom, did dad tell you that he’s been fooling around Amy Gerstein?’
He didn’t confirm or deny, but told me to be quiet and that I didn’t know what I was talking about. I ignored him, what could he do to me that he hadn’t already done? I just wanted him to face what he destroyed, like we had to do.
I told him that Amy bragged to her friends about the things he gave her, the places he took her and the things she would do to him. He slapped me so hard that it tore my lip and I can still remember feeling myself give way under my rage when I saw the blood.
I left the house and walked around until I knew what had to be done. An eye for an eye and I couldn’t feel anything else. I walked to Amy’s house. Thinking about it now, it didn’t feel like I was breathing. Something else had taken over and I was forced to watch and feel, but couldn’t stop it.
I was glad that her car wasn’t in the driveway, it saved me the trouble of breaking in and getting interrupted.
I decided to wait for her. I went to the shed to look for something for my wrath and found a sharp hatchet. I stayed in the shadows and waited in the thick bushes.
Amy didn’t have a curfew, but I was willing to wait as long as it took.
I started to position myself when I heard her car coming down the block. I peeked out as she came into the driveway. She stepped out of the car and I was already behind her. She turned around and I hit her hard with the handle.” she said with remorse.
“I dragged her into the bushes, she moaned a little. I guess it was that sound that made me so angry. She sounded like a hurt little girl, when I knew for a fact that she wasn’t.”
The tape had stopped and Riley switched it as quickly. As soon as she pressed record, Miranda began to speak.


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I'm a married mother of three and a published author.
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