Getting Rid of Amy Chapter 3

“So did my fury enjoy the hatchet tearing her smooth flesh? Yes. It scares me how much because even when she was silent, I beat her with my fists until I knew she was gone.

I looked down at her feeling that justice had been done for what she did to me and my family. I can still smell the blood.” she chuckled a little. “God didn’t take everything away.” she added and paused for a moment.

“When the police finally showed up, I didn’t deny it. I told them what I had done and why and nothing else. Not on the advice of my lawyer, but because it didn’t matter what happened. I didn’t see it as a crime.

She took away my life, I felt I needed to do something about it.” She said showing her shame and Riley could only marvel at it.

“When the sentence came down, my parents cried and I let them comfort themselves with their embraces, but I had changed during the process. I wasn’t the same girl they knew, something had clicked on inside for a short time and now I was just off.

The judge thought it was a terrible thing that I showed no remorse. I didn’t take it personally, I was a killer.

For a long time, I woke up every morning and went to sleep every night thinking that I had spared the world of one less person who would have gone through life getting everything she wanted and leaving a trail of broken hearts, homes and marriages. So, I didn’t mind spending the rest of my life here, and sleeping sound knowing I got rid of Amy. Even though the sleep isn’t so sound now because, well,

I got rid of Amy.”

The End


About ingridfalconi

I'm a married mother of three and a published author.
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