Quality Control

Here, let me make those choices for you,
You can think when I’m done.
Don’t bother with those questions, they’re not necessary,
Just take what I give you.
Believe me its for the good of your mind.
Let me take those small bits of pleasure from you,
Why be anything but what I feel you need to be?
Don’t you think I love you?
Believe me its for the good of your soul.
Why be empty when I can fill you up with me and all my visions for us,
For you.
No, I don’t need your dreams. They would be a waste of time, you are barren of motivation.
The wheels have slowed and I’m behind the steering wheel.
Watch my movements carefully, for in time you’ll be perfect.
Not a no,
Not a but,
Not a wait,
Nothing except action.
You have toads and tasks ahead to gird yourself for.
My sights are on you.
Taking but giving just enough to keep you from lack.
But trust me, its for your own good.


About ingridfalconi

I'm a married mother of three and a published author.
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