What would you say?

What would you say,

if I said my day is gray

and how much it would weigh

in the middle of the fray?

Would you say okay,

I’ll stay at bay and keep away?

What would you say,

and would your words lead me astray or

betray while pelting me with bouquets?

Do I wait for them to decay, so I can go my way

and cheer my last hooray?

Let me convey that you are a Monet,

really nice from far away. So different from what you portray.

What would you say? I couldn’t give a hay

because you will have a last day and believe me, there’s no valet in the place you’ll stay.

They have your dossier.

Each day you will replay and repay.


About ingridfalconi

I'm a married mother of three and a published author.
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